Top stripes

Stripe lovers may be pleased to hear that they are on top form and in good shape this year. Stripes are one of those deceptively simple patterns that can create a myriad of arresting moods and styles. Their geometry allows for playful interior design, from circus tent ceilings to the subtle (but powerful) pattern play of styling a horizontal next to a perpendicular stripe. Whether you are looking for a classical Regency stripe or for something more contemporary, here are a few exciting fabric and wallpaper designs that have been catching my eye.

Why we love a stripe

To my mind, there is always room for a stripe in a decorating scheme. There is something so fresh about them that often appeals to clients who are less fond of florals. As a design, they have a timeless quality that gives them more longevity.

Stripey mood

Choosing both width of stripe and intensity of colour can affect the mood and style of a room. For instance, wider width stripes evocative of glamorous Côte d’Azur awnings offer a sunny, high energy.

House & Garden Top 100 interior and fabric designer Octavia Dickinson has set the scene this season with a thrilling striped sofa cover made in 15 wide width delicious plain colourways from her new Albie upholstery and curtain fabric. Hats off too to the seamstress who sewed all the individual colours together, it is a triumph.

Whilst narrower stripes such as Jaine McCormack’s successful Olive Sacking design for the Guy Goodfellow Collection or Ian Mankin’s iconic ticking stripes both offer a more contemplative mood.

Thrilling striped sofa upholstery made from plain fabrics sewn together with new Albie Fabric, available in 15 plains by Octavia Dickinson.
These fabulous Eastport umbrellas and accessories remind me of poolside homes of Hollywood starlets in the the 1950s, Serena and Lily.
6″ box Tangier Mustard Stripe pleat candle clip lampshades by Alice Palmer & Co.
New Lambert Stripe from the Bancroft Collection. Blithfield & Co.
These red and white striped sun umbrellas at the Cotswold Double Red Duke coaching inn have been made by the very skilful Penzance-based Sunbeam
Ikat Stripe Green by Eloise Home.
Four poster bed lined with Olive Sacking Celery Stripe by Jaine McCormack for the Guy Goodfellow Collection with contrasting Persian Vine Leaf fabric; and Fez Wallpaper Sandstone, also, Guy Goodfellow Collection.
Wonderful hot pink and red striped sofa with box pleats and shaped back designed by award-winning design studio Campbell Rey.
Gorgeous styling from Jane Churchill Fabrics with their new Tango Stripe, green Ref. J0190-05. Artwork: Daisy Cook; Bobbin stool, Clockhouse Furniture.
Olive Sacking Stripe designed by Jaine McCormack for the Guy Goodfellow Collection. The change of direction of the stripes in the upholstery creates a powerful design statement.
New Pisa Stretto satin block stripe fabric, Osborne and Little. Look out too for New Pisa Largo fabric and also new Regency Stripes flock wallpaper at Osborne and Little. Photo: Charis White
Broad stripe roman blinds in the London bedroom of interior and homeware designer Matilda Goad.

Styling Box

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Photo: Charis White

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Charis White, Interior stylist/writer. Photo: Fiona McLean Photography.

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