Styling and copywriting services

In addition to styling for editorial and commercial clients (please contact me direct for these fees), I also offer the following styling services:

Styling for residential or commercial properties

It might be that you just require something as simple as the reorganisation of existing belongings with suggestions for storage and display creating a better look and flow to a room.  Or that you are after a completely new and exciting scheme for which I could suggest wallpaper, paint, flooring, curtains and accessory suggestions. An initial consultation fee including a report is £150.

Collage 2018-07-19 09_40_11
Scheme for a client’s sitting room to suit both summer and winter

If it is the latest and most interesting (quirky even) accessories you are after I charge a further fee of £50/hour. I can also provide a complete interior styling project management service for larger renovations – fee to be discussed on an individual basis.

Props and locations

Collage 2018-02-27 12_10_33

I am really happy just to supply props for a shoot. I also love finding locations and have a bulging address book full – some of which aren’t on location agency books.


This service enables you to email a photo of your room which needs updating.  I provide via email some ideas of how to create a beautiful new look . A moodboard and shopping list of where to buy each item would is provided with this option, too. The fee for this is £150. 

Instagram styling

The power of Instagram to help promote your brand or product is immense. I have done instagram styling for both large and small companies alike from Bentley to IKEA and Fire & Felt (a small start up). Here are some Fire & Felt slipper images I styled and photographed (on my camera phone), the results of which I hope you will like. For competitive rates contact me below:

Please contact me for further information and a quote.

Interiors copywriting

Interiors copywriting is £40 per hour.