What is the future of shopping?

With high street stores in decline, is it conceivable that UK shoppers have gone off their favourite national pastime? Or is it that they just want a more tailored and personal service by buying direct from artisans at festivals, interior design shows, pop-ups and country fairs? Some shoppers are now choosing to make special purchases whilst enjoying their favourite pastime or experience at events such as The RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

Yorkshire Garden by Mark Gregory at RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2018 on Charis White Interiors blog
Yorkshire garden designed by Mark Gregory who won a Gold and The People’s Choice Award at The 2018 RHS Chelsea Flower Show

Shoppers get savvy

In my humble opinion, shoppers haven’t disappeared, they have just become a bit more savvy which has created shifts in buying patterns. Add to this the success of online shopping, tired retail formats and the very real pressures on budgets, the way we shop is changing fast.

Shopping guide to the 2018 Rhs Chelsea Flower Show

I recently discovered a rich seam of luxury and handcrafted shopping that set my heart pounding at the 2018  RHS Chelsea Flower Show:

Italian terracotta pots

Award winning designs by Italian Terrace from Bury St Edmunds encompass the very best of classic Italian terracotta with irresistible shape and beading. Tasteful, not shouty.


These boots are made for planting

Oof. Classic leather long boots with gorgeous tassel, Fairfax and Favor.

‘Regina’ boots by Fairfax & Favor. Photo: Charis White

Grand Designs

If you are a Grand Designs devotee you may remember seeing Tom Raffield building his wonderful west country home with signature wooden steam bending designs.  These are a few of his latest product designs as seen at this year’s Rhs Chelsea Flowers Show (other designs are also available from John Lewis and Heals) – cute portable pooffes complete with handles as well as this beautifully crafted plant stand. Perfect for small space living and for nomadic lifestyles (albeit luxury ones)!


Heavenly Bobbin

Er no, I won’t stop banging on about Bobbin furniture! So delighted to come across the Galvin Brothers from Beverley in East Yorkshire in the Artisan Studios making these beautifully quirky ‘wobbly’ designs as they call them. To buy vintage Bobbin corner chairs please hop over to my online shop.

Sample ‘wobbly design’ legs by the Galvin Brothers. Photo: Charis White
Dining tables and wobby table by Galvin Brothers. Photo: Charis White
Black ash 'wobbly' design stool by Galvin Brothers at RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2018 on Charis White Interiors blog
Black ash stool by Galvin Brothers at The 2018 RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

Carpet shoes

World Secrets shoes from South Wales are for interiors lovers or those with the simple (and, ahem, completely understandable) desire to both blend in or clash with their kilim ruggage. Adore. Available in sizes for both men and women.

Kilim and Ikat shoes for men and women, Secret Worlds. Photo: Charis White

Perfect Panama hat

Now this is clever. Panama hats in a rainbow of glorious colours from Indian Garden Company.

Luxury coloured Panama hats, Indian Garden Trading Company. Photo: Charis White

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Charis White interior stylist, writer and blogger

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