IKEA opens in Reading – joy, as propping just got a whole lot easier!

You may think that the hottest ticket in town this Summer is a ticket for the main stage at the Reading Festival – but that’s maybe where you are wrong. It is, in fact, a parking place for a visit to Reading’s long awaited and newly opened IKEA store. Oh yes … If you are lucky enough to bag that parking place and make it through the entrance hall and up to the restaurant, if I am honest, securing a table next to an ‘A lister’ at The Ivy would be more achievable right now than enjoying your plate of meatballs at Reading IKEA. It is super busy!

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Bucklebury Trading’s The Corner Shop


The Corner Shop, Woolhampton: Photography, by IPhone, http://www.chariswhite.com

How do you create a successful lifestyle boutique which is both inspirational and¬†financially viable? Do you begin with an online business first and then, when you know it is going well open a shop, or do you open the shop first and let the online business follow?¬† Continue reading “Bucklebury Trading’s The Corner Shop”

Artisan style: ‘The Good Life’ on the High Street

Gray and Willow collection by House of Fraser
Gray and Willow collection by House of Fraser


Buyers at High Street stores constantly have their antennae out to suss out what it is that everyone wants in their lives, what styles are emerging and is the current zeitgeist. An interiors collection just launched for Spring 2016 by House of Fraser which caught my eye is called ‘Gray and Willow’. It taps into a rich vein of interiors which is inspired by traditional making methods using natural materials such as clay, wood and glass.

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