Easter styling 2021

When the biophilic qualities of bringing nature into our homes are proven to have a positive effect on our well being, what better time than now to plan a spot of Easter styling. From hanging a spring wreath to new upholstery, tablescaping and baking, there is plenty of inspiration on hand from nature’s Spring palette. Even if you just fill a jam jar with some hyacinths, small details can often make the biggest difference to your environment.

Easter wreath

Every year, the trend for Easter decorating has been increasing in popularity. I particularly love the idea of an uplifting Spring floral wreath for front doors. This one is from Lights 4 Fun with pretty artificial daisies. I added fresh crocus, daffodils, pussy willow and leaves from the garden along with some trailing ribbons.

Spring wreath gifted by Lights 4 Fun. Styling and Photo: Charis White

Easter flowers

Supermarkets such as Waitrose, Tescos and Lidl make particularly budget-friendly hunting grounds for favourites such as hyacinths, narcissi and tulips. I also try to plant as many bulbs as I can in the Autumn because I know that by the time Spring arrives, I will want to fill every surface with vases of spring flowers.

If you aren’t able to get to a supermarket or want to send a gift of flowers, a recent discovery is a family online business in Lincolnshire called Love Delivered who sell some really pretty and reasonably priced bouquets and bunches. Babylon Flowers in Oxfordshire is another independent family business who not only sell beautiful arrangements but are also conscious of keeping their carbon footprint low.

Grape hyacinths and tulips planted in a galvanised pot. Photo: Charis White
White lilac blooms against Coral Dash – Emerald Green wallpaper from the Seasisde Collection by Milola Design.
Hellebores. Photo: Charis White
Spring mantlescape. Vintage French jam jars filled with spring flowers. Candles from John Lewis and K is for Kitchen. Photo and styling: Charis White
Galvanised pot with primulas, pussywillow branches tied with string, bun moss and small choclate truffle eggs by Heston Blumenthal for Waitrose. Styling and photo: Charis White

Take a seat

Have I ever mentioned how much I love chairs?! I am particuarly partial to the endless design possibilities that antique and vintage chairs offer and love nothing better than the thrill of breathing life into old furniture with new upholstery.

If I am honest though, taking a seat at The White House in Reading is a bit of an eclectic situation. Mis-matched chairs range from 19th Century bobbin corner seats, to 1960s office chairs, Boer War campaign to Gustavian Swedish … and the list goes on. One of my favourites (20th Century French) is feeling a bit Spring perky as it has just had a rather lovely revamp.

This accent chair has been upholstered with Laura Hamilton’s Maligoe Lime linen print from Bird in the Hand with a contrasting stain resistant velvet, Villandry Faded Coral from Andrew Martin.

Vintage chair upholstered in Maligoe Lime by Bird In The Hand, and Villandry Faded Coral velvet by Andrew Martin; Styling and Photo: Charis White
Fabrics: Maligoe Lime by Bird In The Hand, and Villandry Faded Coral velvet by Andrew Martin; striped cushion, £3.50, IKEA. Photo and styling, Charis White

Easter decorations

These beautifully handmade decorations are made to hang from an Easter tree or twigs. They are available from Bucklebury Trading’s The Corner Shop in Woolhampton, Berkshire who always have a great selection of Easter decorations (until the reopening of non-essential shops on 12 April, you can either ring or email the shop for orders). Other suppliers include Petra Palumbo, Lights 4 Fun, John Lewis, The White Company and Gisela Graham.

Bunny Easter tree decorations from a selection at The Corner Shop, Woolhampton. Photo: Charis White

Easter tablescapes

Here are some easy styling ideas to make sure you have a top table this Easter.

Photo and styling in lockdown 1 by Charis White for The Design Archives social media Easter 2020. Tablecloth made from Malaya Duck Egg 1006-2 linen. Found nest filled with chocolate truffle eggs by Heston Blumenthal for Waitrose.
Vintage French jam jar filled with bluebells from the garden. Handmade cotton Indian napkins (gifted), East London Parasol Company.
Japanese porcelain vintage tea cup and saucer filled with Cadbury’s chocolate eggs. Sublime African grass table mats, £14 each by Nushka Home.
Photo and styling in lockdown 1 for The Design Archives Easter 2020 social media. Tablecloth made from Tree of Life mustard linen, 1007-5. Homemade chocolate orange cake decorated with Heston Blumenthal and Cadbury’s eggs from Waitrose; mint, primroses, miniature daffodils and foget-me-knots from the garden.

Top table decorations

It is relatively easy to make a table look nice but to create something really special, it is often the handmade and bespoke which makes all the difference.

Bethan Reen has recently set up Papierllon selling her beautiful handmade and handpainted butterflies via Etsy. Mostly they are sold mounted in frames, £120 (of course eco friendly and cruelty free) but they are also sometimes sold singly as here for tablescapes or for other forms of decoration. The butterflies are quite exquisite, you really have to look several times to realise that they aren’t real.

Bethan says “Each butterfly is completely one of a kind, just like the real thing! There are many stages to creating the the final product. These include stencilling out the shape of the wings, cutting pieces of wire to create the veins and to give the butterfly shape. The bodies are formed out of epoxy putty and finally hand painted, my favourite part!”

Framed butterflies are available from Etsy or contact Bethan direct for bespoke commissions at Papierllon.shop@gmail.com

Bespoke single handmade and painted paper butterfly decorations from £80 each at Papierllon by Bethan Reen.

Digital Craft Festival

To find more beautiful bespoke handmade pieces, you might like to take a look at this year’s online Digital Craft Festival from 26th to 28th March 2021.

Shop the blog

Antique English Leaf Majolica plate by Davenport, perfect for an Easter table and available in the shop.

Antique English Leaf Majolica plate by Davenport for sale in Charis White online shop

Thank you

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If you are looking for affordable interior design ideas for your home or as a gift for friends and family, you might like to take a look at my Styling Box service.

I hope you have a lovely Easter spring break.

With many thanks, Charis x

Charis White, interior stylist/writer. Photo: Fiona McLean Photography

4 thoughts on “Easter styling 2021

  1. Lovely breath of spring air Charis! So up lifting. I love your chair. Absolutely gorgeous. I will go back and peruse some of your sites as they all look so lovely. I see a lot of bulbs at the moment, sadly the are the ones I drag out of puppy’s mouth several times a day! Our garden has been a wreck but fascinating that nature continues to do her job and crocuses and daffs, if not in puppy’s mouth, still flourish thrown upside down in heaps and our garden is coming back to life, albeit in tubs and pots. Xx


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