Boho Style: the trend that isn’t a trend …

Boho Style is the interiors trend which isn’t a trend… or at least not a new one… It has been around for centuries and continues to hold a special place in many hearts and homes. From top UK interior designers such as Robert Kime and furniture and fabric designers Soane to intrepid and stylish hunter gatherers, such as Francesca Gentilli, Lucy Ferguson (East London Parasol Company) and Yonder Living, there is renewed focus on designs from North Africa, India, South America and Indonesia.

Boho lifestyle

What better way to start the New Year than with the promise of inviting colours, textures and patterns. Not only that, but there are some newly published Boho interiors books and holiday ideas too. So relax and read on… the sun is always shining on the blog!

Liberace‘ garden parasol, £395, East London Parasol Company. Photo: Lucy Ferguson.

Boho colour

If, like me, you are a lover of Millennial Pink, then I think you are going to like this upbeat cocktail of coral/mandarin and much deeper pink colour thread. I know it’s not Pantone’s 2018 colour trend Ultra Violet – but this is Boho, it has its own style direction… For Hibiscus flower-inspired walls, check out paint from  Little Greene’s Orange Aurora (21), Dulux’s Berry Smoothie or Annie Sloane’s new wall paint Antoinette.

Cath Kidston’s home via Lonny magazine/Little Glowing Lights blog/Pinterest
Lulu Lyttle’s home, Soane.

Ingredients for Boho interior decorating

Boho Style is a form of decorating that has enticed students and Nomadic souls for generations. Treasures from overseas travels are layered in a riot of pattern and colour along with collections, pictures and books. A decent fireplace with substantial log pile (preferably stacked by year) doesn’t go amiss either. Although, there aren’t that many decorative elements to this look, it isn’t one that is put together in an instant. It evolves over time and improves with age.


There are some fantastic rugs on the high street. There’s even one sold by La Redoute that has its own Instagram account (@the_la_radoute_rug). However, Francesca Gentilli sources the most beautiful vintage rugs imaginable and also specialises in off-the-peg and bespoke rugs from Morocco, India and Peru.

Vintage rugs, Francesca Gentilli.
Baskets and dhurries, Francesca Gentilli. Photo: Charis White


Ankara Kilim  40 x 40 cushion cover and pad, £36, Yonder Living
Kilim cushion, £24, Yonder Living
60 x 40 cm Berber cushion, £55, Yonder Living.

Textiles and throws

Ashoka linen fabric 101.5 cm wide, Robert Kime
Vintage handstitched Kantha Quilt, 225 x 160, £98, Yonder Living
‘Tashkent’ silk, 143.75 cm wide, Robert Kime
Orange Velvet Floral quilt to fit a double bed, £185, Bombay Sprout

Pleated lampshades

Pleated or handpainted card shades are perfect for a bit of Boho lighting. The reason for the cost of a pleated shade is the time and fabric spent making them.  The finest example is this vintage silk sari one from Nushka who also sell other beautiful home accessories. Take a look too at OKA (number one UK cushion purveyors!) or alternatively you could maybe make one  – there are YouTube tutorials…

18″/46 cm Vintage Indian silk sari pleated lampshade, £225, Nushka
Robert Kime


Every boho fashionista in town was sporting one of these last summer and I have got a feeling will be doing so again this year. Surprisingly practical for handbag/shopping situations…

Toulouse basket, 40 x 40 x 12 cm, £32, Yonder Living


Love this swishy crepe de chine Modern Boho Kaftany gown! Prabal Gurung SS17 Spring collection.


Inspirational Boho interiors

Robert Kime
Fashion designer Michala Wiesneck’s home. Image courtesy of

Boho boutique hotels in Morocco

Jasper Conran’s Hotel Marrakech

Jasper Conran’s Hotel Marrakech
Jasper Conran’s Hotel Marrakech.

El Fenn Hotel Marrakech

El Fenn Hotel, Marrakech

Under the sun

I adore Lucy Ferguson’s garden parasols from her East London Parasol Company. They have been lovingly sourced and would turn a humble courtyard or balcony into your very own corner of paradise…

‘Stevie’ garden parasol in pale pink twill, handpainted with silver ink. Silver fringing made in Kerala with white and silver tassels, £395, East London Parasol Co. Photo and styling: Lucy Ferguson.
Underside of ‘Stevie’ garden parasol in pale pink twill, handpainted with silver ink. Silver fringing made in Kerala with white and silver tassels, £395, East London Parasol Co. Photo and styling: Lucy Ferguson.

Haute Bohemians for the library

If nothing else, grab a cup of coffee and check out some more inspirational Bohemian interiors in these two new books:

Blush pink mug, Yonder Living/Charis White Boho interiors blog post
Blush pink mug, £12, Yonder Living.

To order a copy of Haute Bohemians, £34.99 from Amazon please click on the book image.

To order a copy of The Maverick Soul, £25.74 from Amazon please click on the book image.

Thank you so much for reading. To be honest, this could have been a box set of Boho blogs as there is so much out there, but I have decided to contain myself on this occasion to just one! If you have enjoyed this and would like to receive email alerts for future posts, then please press the large blue ‘Follow’ button either at the beginning or end of a post. With many thanks, Charis x

Charis White, interior stylist/writer and blogger

26 thoughts on “Boho Style: the trend that isn’t a trend …

  1. OMG – such sumptuous colours. I adore Nina and Tracy Parasol and have been lost in Robert Kime and emailed Francesca Gentilli site to AA. He keeps looking at flea bitten rugs at the auction and I’ve said no I want colour! And I really can’t wait for my next trip to Morocco! Bliss!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Your post made me very wistful for all the beautiful items, collected on travels in a former life, that I’ve loved and lost! Great post with joyful colours and textures – thank you! Now back to drizzly London Monday.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Lottie, I am so glad that this touched you – it was purposeful to post Boho at this time of year as I think we all need a boost of colour and escapism! I hope your lighting business is going well? I am looking forward to sharing with readers your fantastic designs this year.


      1. Thank you Charis! I am cranking up a gear now so all new oxygen is very welcome. I only launched in September with an installation for the London Design Festival so I’m just finding my feet and finding the whole process really exciting.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. So glad to see such depth of colour appearing everywhere at the moment. The rich pinks, coppers and greens are so invigorating and far braver than the safe white and muted shades. Great pictures and totally engaging article. Thank you and looking forward to the next one already x.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am so glad you enjoyed it Natalie and thank you so much for leaving a comment. it is really nice to hear from people. I too am drawn to the richness of pattern and colour that is going on right now. Just to let you know the next post will be in your mail box this Friday!


    1. Thank you, so glad you enjoyed and many thanks for the follow! I love Boho too but can’t help liking so many other interiors/fashion styles as well which you will see reflected on the blog. They are all just so interesting!

      Liked by 1 person

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