Bullion fringe – a set piece for 2018

Before I post my first interiors trend piece of 2018, I couldn’t resist this mini one on Bullion fringing. Jonathan Adler didn’t design this as a set for the BBC 2 TV series Feud (which centres on the relationship between Hollywood film stars Bette Davies and Joan Crawford) but with the combination of art deco fireplace and 40s style chairs, he certainly could have done!

Bullion fringe glamour

Bullion fringing – Hollywood style – courtesy of Jonathan Adler shows how to bring back a bit of old-fashioned glamour into our homes. It is first and foremost the bullion fringe which give these chairs their singular personality. However, as they sit in symmetry either side of the fireplace, for me, it is also the combination of perfect proportion, deep buttoned upholstery and boudoir cushions which make them quite so irresistible.

Jonathan Adler Baxter fringed chairs from £2,195 uk.jonathanadler.com 0207 589 9563

Home and fashion with all the trimmings

This is where interior design/haute couture and grown up dressing all have something in common. It isn’t just about quality of cut and fabric, it is about the details, the accessories, the gloves, the hats, the shoes – the trimmings  …

Trimmings or passmenterie (sounds so much better in French) are increasingly being used again in interior design from cushions, to curtains and upholstery.

  • Bullion fringe would also be a great way of updating an existing chair or sofa which has lacklustre legs.

Bullion fringing on general high glam alert

The bullion fringing on this low sofa with relaxed cushions and vintage mirror wall shows how to mix traditional passmenterie with contemporary vintage styling.  Note too (in this room by another designer) the leopard print, purring quietly amongst neutral ticking, grain sack and linen cushions.  I think this is a perfectly balanced scheme and I love the playful use of scale.

Image courtesy of Greigedesign.com/Pinterest

Shop bullion fringing

Houles, Samuel & Sons, Style Library,  Threads at GP & J Baker, V V Rouleaux

Wardrobe notes

A Davies/Crawford 40s inspired interiors trend is one we are going to see mirrored in fashion too this year. My crystal ball says that there will be more polished, grown up dressing – an extension of the tea dress fever that swept the floor in 2017 … !

Fendi in Bond Street elegantly sidestepping the new central London diesel charge – tandem style. Photo: Charis White

While Fendi have the most beautiful tea dresses, more affordable versions are available at Marks & Spencer, Plumo and Hobbs.

Thank you

Thank you so much for reading. It may be cold outside but just think Glam for warmth – it’s certainly going to be my mantra this week! Here’s another chance to read about a previous post on Jonathan Adler’s collaboration with Clinique. (PS If you have enjoyed this, please don’t forget to follow the blog and share it with your friends too – just press the large blue ‘Follow’ button either at the beginning or end of a post!).

With many thanks again, Charis x










10 thoughts on “Bullion fringe – a set piece for 2018

  1. Wow! Loving the jumbo tassels. Why doesn’t my sitting room ever look like this? I’m eyeing up my cat destroyed furniture thinking that this would be just the thing to cover it all up but of course I’d be putting in another cat playground for them!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It is a shame that there are certain colours, fabrics and trimmings which are neither child nor pet practical! Perhaps the compromise is either to choose something else or alternatively to put up with the fact that wear and tear might happen sooner and the room look just a bit more lived in …


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