Marmalade and slate: a decorating recipe for all seasons

*Orange, often associated with 70s style interiors, is taking on an altogether sophisticated warmth this Autumn in a perfectly balanced partnership with cool slate greys. From linens to wallpapers to lighting and paint there are some really refreshing new interior designs. It is a colour combination which will ensure that your room is as cosy as you wish it to be in winter and has all the necessary vibrancy and light for summer living too.

Who do you think you are?

Sofa: Loaf

Before embarking on any kind of decorating project it is good to know a bit about colour psychology and also to get to know yourself! How do you react to colour, both dark, light, patterned and plain?


Perhaps you might like the idea of decorating ‘flow’ in your home where you keep the same colour palette throughout every room. Maybe you prefer the idea of decorating dark in rooms with northern light and bright in south-facing rooms. Or perhaps you like to theme each room in your house – or just let your home evolve with layers of much-loved decorating styles and objects.

* Orange is associated with joy, sunshine and the tropics. it represents enthusiasm, fascination, happiness, creativity, determination, attraction, success, encouragement and stimulation.

Photo by modster1 on

It is always worth making time to think about this and also how each room will look from one room to another. It is sometimes overlooked but good to consider the view from room to room is either one of a colour pop, contrast or flow of the same colour. If you have an interiors project where these might be some of the issues and you need some help, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Here are some examples of how you can use Marmalade and Slate from hints-of to full-on saturated colour in a decorating scheme:

Marmalade and slate – a room for all seasons

image courtesy of
Hotel room at The Haymarket Hotel, London designed by Kit Kemp. Photo: Simon Brown

Orange pops

You don’t have to saturate a scheme with either colour. See how you can decorate with small ‘pops’ of marmalade, mandarin or orange. Soft cool greys through to slate and black make the perfect canvas for these zesty shades.

English Fire Matt Emulsion from £13.00 for 2.5 L. Tibetan Gold Non Drip Gloss £15.49 for 750ml and Rebel Feature Wall from £13.00 for 1.25L. Crown Paints.
Rick Rack Fabric designed by Kit Kemp for Christopher Farr
Just one broad brushstroke on a canvas is enough. Courtesy of
Ben Pentreath’s London home.
Light by Vitamin at Someday Designs as seen in @thehousebloggersbuilt. Marmalade & Slate blog: Charis White stylist
Knot light by Vitamin Living £160 as featured in the @thehousebloggersbuilt as judged by yours truly. Soon to be on You Tube. Watch this space … !

This English Salon chair is by Howe London and beautifully made from Scottish Beetled linen in ‘Graphite’, deep buttoned with hand-dyed orange cotton tassels. Handstitched in horse hair and individually tied sprung seat on a beech frame with choice of stained and polished or painted beech or oak legs.

Marmalade and slate mood board

I have put together a decorating scheme with fabrics and wallpapers which are hot off the press! These are some of the newest marmalade and slate fabrics and wallpapers in favoured block print designs, woven stripes, plain velvet, embroidered linens. Special note goes to the wallpapers, which are by the very talented Anna Jeffreys whose work is available through Tissus D’Helene. When I saw these designs at the Design Centre press show earlier in the summer, there was a bit of a general gasp at her work as it was just so fresh and pretty! (Look out soon for my Stylist meets Designer interview with Anna Jeffreys).

Top Left to Right: Valley Stripe, Saffron, LW16340, Lewis & Wood; Middle: Varese Saffron, F1190/99, Designers Guild; Wicklewood Reverse Charcoal, 3940-06, Blithfield ; Right: wallpaper: Helene ochre blue 010b/03, Anna Jeffreys at Tissus D’Helene; Embroidered linen Grenette Greige FWY8017/03, William Yeoward at Designers Guild; Bottom left to right: Wallpaper: Laurel hot brick on grey 006b/04, Anna Jeffreys at Tissus D’Helene; Suzdal print on natural linen, Sirin/Terracotta A91FDHA02, Volga Linen;  right: Peggy Angus Small Damask Grey on Natural 2900-08, Blithfield;

New designer special mention

Here is a bigger piece of Anna Jeffreys ‘Laurel’ wallpaper brick (and the colour looks truer here than above – apologies for camera phone!) on grey 006b/04 at Tissus D’Helene.


Some other favourites

Up The Garden Path Pumpkin fabric (comes as wallpaper too) by Vanessa Arbuthnott
Dawn Chorus Duck Egg Pumpkin Winter fabric by Vanessa Arbuthnott

Luxury for less

I have to admit to having a bit of ‘thing’ for beautiful handtowels and candles. They are an easy way of sprucing up your bathroom/powder room and like coffee shops – it seems we can never have enough new home fragrance candles either. This candle is by Sweetness & Light (£19.50) who very kindly personalised this one for me, it has a Pomegranate fragrance and comes with a rose gold lid. The embroidered linen towel (£13) is from South African company Biggie Best (currently have 7 shops in the South East) who make luxurious vintage style decorating accessories at affordable prices.

Charis White interior stylist/writer and blogger

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  1. Have had a wonderful browse through Sweetness and Light – when the time comes nieces will all be receiving gorgeous personalised scented candles for Christmas! Loving the orange and that sofa is the perfect piece to replace Kit’s piano – if only – to complete Van Gough’s ‘still life with oranges’ theme to the conservatory! Can’t wait for part 2. Xx

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