Farrow & Ball paint colours 2016

Farrow and Ball 2016 paint swatches, styled by Charis White

Today is one of the days in the ‘Interiors Calendar’ or season, that I most look forward to. For me, it is like waiting for the morning after the Oscars, when we get to see who wore what on the red carpet in Hollywood – I actually have a few butterflies in my stomach!

I am talking about the unveiling of Farrow and Ball’s 9 new paint colours for 2016. I have to say I am genuinely excited about this year’s palette as although it is beautifully balanced with some neutrals (to be looked at in more depth in a future post), there are three shades within it which I believe are going to be really big for interiors. I think they will prove to be an extension of the ‘Dark Interiors’ trend which has centred on the use of blacks, charcoal greys and midnight blues.

The colours in question are blue and green, healing colours which represent both water and vegetation. Although there is an old wives tale which goes ‘blue and green should never be seen without a colour in between’, I believe that they can be used together, and with layering of accessories in similar colours, it creates a rich velvety warmth to a room. A final ingredient would be to add in some copper lighting, accessories and perhaps a brass glass-topped 70s coffee table.

Farrow and Ball blues and green paint swatches 2016, styled by Charis White

Farrow and Ball describe ‘Inchyra Blue No 289’ as an aged blue which is inspired by the skies at classic Georgian Inchyra House in Scotland, ‘Vardo No 288’ is a rich teal taken from the decoration on Romany wagons while ‘Yeabridge Green No 287’ was discovered on a gun cupboard from a Georgian farmhouse in Somerset.

Please see the three paint swatches above in Estate Emulsion finish. Hopefully these will give you some idea of the richness of these colours. You may also agree with me that ‘Inchyra Blue’ is one of those colours which in certain light looks blue and in others more green which is why it is always wise to buy a sample pot first.

These Pinterest photos illustrate the various uses of blue and green in a decorating scheme. Whether you paint one solid wall, or frame a door with a block of blue, or paint from skirting board to ceiling in one colour, or ceiling only, or door only, there are just so many ways that you can use paint to make colour work. Remember, there are no rules, do what works for you. I also don’t need to remind you that paint is such a cost-effective way of dramatically changing the look of a room. I love it!

Read more about the Farrow & Ball collection. 

To complete a new Green/Blue decorating scheme with wallpaper and fabrics too, the following companies have some great collections.

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