Decorating with tiles

Top left: Leighton House museum, London and various tile shots from Pinterest


Chances are if you are choosing tiles for a bathroom or kitchen this year, like me you may be lured by the explosion of both pattern and colour available.

This seems to be a worldwide trend and not since the late 19th century when the English painter and sculptor Lord Frederic Leighton filled his Holland Park home with a myriad exotic tiles has there been such a strong design direction for the humble tile.  I have been meaning to visit Leighton House Museum, for years.  It was just down the road when we lived in Bayswater but of course we never found the time to go.  We visited on a Sunday and although the garden was shut for the winter, the house was very much open and with very few visitors.  We almost had the place to ourselves which made the visit an incredible treat.

The unremarkable Victorian brick exterior of the house, belies what lies inside.  I love it when a council flat owner has gone all out with a Louis XV interior and here too, you are in for a surprise. The inside is truly amazing, Gothic colours everywhere, this is a house of fantasy where the tile is king, particularly in the ‘Arab Hall’.

These Pinterest tile shots are very much in the spirit of Leighton House, full of life, texture and pattern.  There is nothing neutral or subtle about this trend, but when teamed with concrete surfaces, white walls and wood, it doesn’t overwhelm.   I honestly don’t think you would go off them very quickly and they would add a real ‘feature’ to your home.

If you want to recreate this look, the following retailers are worth putting on your shopping list:


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