Pale Pink for 2016

I spent most of last year obsessing about pale pink creating a Pinterest board of inspiration so when I found out that ‘Rose Quartz’ or pale pink had been chosen as one of two colours by Pantone for 2016, I was pretty excited. Not just because it was the colour of my first childhood bedroom, nor because it is the colour of one of my favourite flowers the Peony, but just because it has so many applications.

It is one of those shades I personally have always liked, especially for walls. To some it can seem either too girly or maybe a bit insipid, but when used with texture/great furniture and accessories, it does something really special to a room.

Grand country houses have used it for years in drawing rooms as it acts as a great foil for gilt frames, books, chintz fabrics, mirrors and dark woods such as ebony. However, for me, it has a much broader use and can be used in contemporary schemes from kitchens, to bathrooms, bedrooms and living rooms just as successfully.

Decorating with Pink for Dfs

Dfs got to hear how passionate I was about decorating with pink and asked me to contribute to their new Design Blog called The Edit which I was absolutely delighted to do!

Pink Paint directory for walls and woodwork

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