Book review: Winter Living by Selina Lake, photography by Debi Treloar

Winter Living book image

There are countless scenes and locations in the current BBC1 TV adaptation of Leo Tolstoy’s novel War and Peace (9pm Sunday nights) which are incredibly beautiful and evocative, but none more so than the magical scene last Sunday night when Count and Countess Rostov and their family visit their Bohemian relative in a ‘rustic retreat’ log cabin hidden deep in a Russian snow-covered forest.

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Scottish style

Top left: Photography, Catherine Gratwicke, styling, Charis White; middle: fabric, Voyage on Pinterest; right: Ralph Lauren on Pinterest; bottom row left: wallpaper Timorous Beasties; middle: plate, Anta, Dundee cake, styling by Charis White; right, curtain edged with Romo Fabric, styling, Charis White

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Artisan style: ‘The Good Life’ on the High Street

Gray and Willow collection by House of Fraser
Gray and Willow collection by House of Fraser


Buyers at High Street stores constantly have their antennae out to suss out what it is that everyone wants in their lives, what styles are emerging and is the current zeitgeist. An interiors collection just launched for Spring 2016 by House of Fraser which caught my eye is called ‘Gray and Willow’. It taps into a rich vein of interiors which is inspired by traditional making methods using natural materials such as clay, wood and glass.

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Pale Pink for 2016

I spent most of last year obsessing about pale pink creating a Pinterest board of inspiration so when I found out that ‘Rose Quartz’ or pale pink had been chosen as one of two colours by Pantone for 2016, I was pretty excited. Not just because it was the colour of my first childhood bedroom, nor because it is the colour of one of my favourite flowers the Peony, but just because it has so many applications. Continue reading “Pale Pink for 2016”

Decorating with tiles

Top left: Leighton House museum, London and various tile shots from Pinterest


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